About the Radical Dreamer Blog

Howdy, fellow dreamers – radical or not – and welcome to my corner of the Internet.

Who am I? Well, on the Internet – so goes the adage – nobody knows you’re a dog. But I will assume that any reader of this page is intelligent enough to discern that a dog, though capable of any number of clever or cute tricks, cannot reason or type out a blog post.

You can call me “Professor Q”, which is a fairly simple transposition cipher – I am “almost” a professor, and my initial is one letter off from “Q”. If the “Professor” grates, or if you are a James Bond or Star Trek fan, you can always call me Q.

This blog will contain my musings, reflections and opinions on a variety of things both real and fictional, but all from a Catholic point of view. Like most folks, I wear many hats – I may be a professional one moment, an amateur writer the next, a kung-fu nappy changer the other – but I am Catholic at all times.

Please note, also, that the title of this blog does not refer to any sort of political or radical extremism – rather, it refers to this song, which you really should listen to:

If you’re curious, a translation of the lyrics isĀ here.

Thanks for stopping by, and may the peace of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, be with you always.